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Army Lists

The Mortem et Gloriam list team of Richard Jeffrey-Cook, Alasdair Harley, Simon Clarke and Simon Hall have taken a fresh look at evidence and aimed to create lists which reflect new findings and that bring out the character of the armies on the tabletop.

One year into the journey and we are already approaching 300 lists covering the biblical, classical and early middle ages (including China), with another 200 lists due out this year!! Lists are grouped into geographic areas to allow us to give an overview of what was going in each region during a period of history.

Every army created has the potential to win; each has strong and distinct character. The lists come as a set of PDFs which contain all the essential data you need to create an army using the MeG Army Builder.

We believe the Army List process should be organic, responsive, inclusive and adaptable. So please get involved if you like this aspect of the hobby. Our first players list PDF - by John Munro covering the medieval wars of Scotland - is about to be made official. Great stuff John! If you have a favourite campaign why not give it a go.

The team will gather every January to review the lists for the coming season and take on board any comments at that time - there is a forum section specifically for lists. Once stable they will be offered as books on a print and demand basis.


Index and Notes

Chariot Period

Classical Period

Early Medieval Period

Early Asian Period

Later Medieval Period

Later Asian Period


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