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TWZ Store

Welcome to The Wargames Zone store.

EU BUYERS – MeG is now stocked by Comitatus-Miniatures in Strasbourg.

AUSTRALIAN BUYERS – MeG is now stocked by Olympian Games in Canberra.

UK BUYERS – MeG is stocked by Battlefield Hobbies , Ancient & Modern Army Supplies, Caliver Books and Boards and Swords Hobbies

  • £45.00

    MeG Starter Set: The Essentials to Play – Army Lists Free for Life


    All you need to play and army lists are free for life!

    Mortem et Gloriam starter set containing 55 Command Cards, 10 Death Dice, A4 4-ring Binder, 120GSM Colour Rules, 1 x foldable A3 reference sheet (playing the game) and 2 x A4 Quick Reference sheets (Pre Battle Strategy and Set up). Army lists are free for life – we already have over 450 available in The Ancients Zone.

  • £10.00

    Competition Card Holders


    Individual card holders designed for the more rigorous demands of competition games. Makes it very easy to ensure you are using the right commands for the right general.

  • £10.00

    Card Holder


    Heavy duty purple acrylic card holder that keeps your cards neat and tidy through the game. Complete with Mortem et Gloriam logo. Not essential but extremely helpful if you are playing regularly - most players like using them. And cunningly designed so that the base is exactly the deployment distance on a 120cm wide table!

  • £10.00

    Death Dice Set


    Set of 10 custom MeG Death Dice with the skulls, wounds and S symbols. 2 each of Red, Yellow, Green, White and Black. A second set makes the game even easier as you can roll your 4 dice together for shooting, but a second set is not essential to play the game.

  • £8.00

    Command Card Pack


    Pack of 55 card MeG cards. Generally only needed if you lose cards or if you have worn a pack out through playing a few hundred games. But here when you need it.

  • £10.00

    Marker Set


    MeG acrylic purple markers. In each set you get 5 x reversible arrow markers showing Charge and Run Away on the two sides. 1 x RED Shatter and 10 x reversible wound markers which also have "moved" on the reverse so you can use them to remind you on UGs that have moved if the need arises. One set is usually enough for normal games, two sets is more than enough for any game.

  • £6.00

    Formation Markers


    A set of 80mm markers to remind your opponent when your flexibles are in their alternative formation. Showing Denser and Looser formation with visual reminder. 5 in a pack.

  • £8.00

    Measuring Set 40mm BW


    Set of purple measuring sticks in 40mm Base Widths. Sticks with 2/3/4/5/6 BW covering everything from slowed moved to full speed cavalry skirmishers.

  • £8.00

    Measuring Set 60mm BW


    Set of purple measuring sticks in 60mm Base Widths. Sticks with 2/3/4/5/6 BW covering everything from slowed moved to full speed cavalry skirmishers.

  • £6.00

    MeG MuG

    Drink your coffee and tea in style with a MeG MuG. Choose from the Meg Hoplon or Comedius version.

  • £2.50

    Attulla The Hun – Unpainted


    Unpainted metal figure: our special hun rolling dice on a stool.

  • £2.50

    Comedius the Consul – Unpainted


    Unpainted metal figure: our special roman holding all the red cards.

  • £16.00

    Premium Painted Wound Markers From Dracostandard


    These are great as they keep the table looking lovely. Painted casualties on circular bases to use as wound markers. Created by Paul Cummins of Dracostandard. TWZ does not sell these - you will be redirected to their site and you can order them directly from them. Highly recommended.

  • £29.99

    Premium Measuring Sets From Precision Wargames Supplies


    Ian Carbutt at Precision Wargames Supplies has created some special sets of MeG measuring sticks. These are tough metal made from brass, last a lifetime or more, and they look great in their new purple finery! Presentation case is included… Also included are 50 galvanised steel bases (40mm BW: matt black finish) to your specification, make this an amazing deal! TWZ does not sell these - you will be redirected to Precision Wargames Supplies to order directly from Ian. Highly recommended.

    Total cost of the deal is be £29.99 plus P&P.